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    Hello and welcome to the World Of Badminton Marketplace.

    This is an area where individuals can buy & sell badminton related items and is not intended for commercial use.

    By using this facility you agree to the following marketplace rules and in breaching any of these rules may lead to a permenant or temporary suspension in your account. Rest assured our aim is not to suspend your account but keep the Marketplace safe for all and make sure that everyone is happy! Please mention additional costs such as postage when placing an advert. The rules of our marketplace are as follows:

    1.) By using this marketplace you agree that World Of Badminton is in no way responsible for any losses or damages that may occur by using this facility.
    2.) You agree to only post requests to buy and sell products that are related to Badminton.
    3.) You agree that your purpose is to not market yourself or your business.
    4.) You agree that you will not post anything inappropriate or explicit.
    5.) You agree to not be violating any laws whether they be local or international.
    6.) You agree that you are not to misrepresent the item you are selling and that all items are genuine and of good quality unless otherwise specified.
    7.) World of Badminton will not enter into any disputes when this service is used but may act on any complaint received to avoid future problems.
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